Health Care

Serenity Hospitality LLC focusses on bringing innovation and excellence to the high-growth F&B market across the GCC and beyond. Deep local market knowledge and industry experience, coupled with Sanad ADs values of consistency and quality, allows us to launch and manage brands efficiently and confidently.

SANAD AD is defining new standards in healthcare services in the UAE with a unique approach focussed on single speciality outpatient clinics. Our current ventures include Snö Dental Clinics – a private dental care provider that focusses on long-term dental health with unrivalled services and facilities.

Healthcare Portfolio Highlights

The Snö chain of dental clinics is the first of its kind in the UAE, where all diagnoses and treatments are documented end-to-end, digitally. Treatment plans are fully transparent and provided upfront for patients to consider or get second opinions. This gives patients clarity on their dental care and enables health authorities and insurances to audit our services and prices in the most transparent manner.