Operating Subsidiaries
& Joint Ventures

Our operating subsidiaries are entities that were incubated from the ideation stage within the group and eventually hived off as independent business units. Our subsidiaries function on an arms-length basis with an independent operating team, however receive support from our leadership team to execute their growth plans.

Our joint ventures are a testament to our ability to work closely with international strategic partners to help them establish a solid base in the region. Our involvement with joint venture partners stretches beyond access to capital and is grounded by our desire to make an impact in contributing to various strategic initiatives being pursued at a grass root level in Abu Dhabi.

Operating Subsidiaries <br> & Joint Ventures
Sno Healthcare Group:

Incubated within the group, Snö is a premium healthcare services provider that was established in 2014 with a vision to provide the best possible care to patients in the UAE. Snö operates a network of clinics in Abu Dhabi offering a wide range of services, including dental care, dermatology, plastic surgery, asthma and allergy, and mental health.

Plaza 30

Plaza 30 is a mixed use commercial real estate development in Al Nahyan Camp, Abu Dhabi. Situated in the city center, the property was developed by the group as a cluster of 30 buildings that today leases units to prominent government offices, F&B outlets, healthcare clinics, and other retail establishments.

Serenity Hospitality

Incubated within the group, Serenity Hospitality incubates, invests and operates niche brands within the F&B segment in Abu Dhabi. With focus on bringing innovation and excellence to the F&B segment, the group is currently working on establishing a high end culinary arts school in Abu Dhabi. Given our reverence to quality and uncompromising duty of care, we aspire to bring high quality culinary experiences to the UAE.

Dendra Systems (Should be marked as JV)

Dendra Systems is a UK based environmental technology company that uses a combination of field ecology and remotely collected high-resolution imagery to analyze and restore large-scale ecosystems. Given the strategic importance of conserving the mangrove forests in Abu Dhabi, we entered into a joint venture with Dendra Systems to leverage their technical expertise to help restore arid landscapes in the UAE and accelerate mangrove restoration initiatives.

Hintsa (Should be marked as JV)

Hintsa is a global leader in human high-performance coaching, helping top athletes and business professionals achieve sustainable success. They use a science-based approach to help people optimize their performance in all areas of their lives. As part of our overall effort to bring to the UAE personalized high quality coaching for physical and mental well-being, we entered into a JV with Hintsa to expand their operations in the region

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